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my life as a sugar daddy

 For many people, having a sugar daddy is a very happy thing. But how many people know about a sugar daddy's daily life? Many people think that being a sugar daddy is relaxing and pleasant, but is that true? Maybe it's different from what you think. Here are some of the sugar daddies sharing:

Brandon, a sugar daddy from New York: I had a good experience. My sugar relationship rarely deviates from the traditional one unless I feel right now to ask for what I need (my own intermittent). I have done both short-term and long-term work, and they have met their expectations. Like traditional relationships, you make an investment and hope it succeeds. Sometimes, sometimes not. In a word, I like spoiling the women in my life, so this is very suitable for me.

Rex, a sugar daddy from Vancouver: As a sugar daddy, most of the time you are king, you have the right to ask your sugar baby to do anything on the Treaty for you, provided that you pay the corresponding remuneration. When you pay the appropriate fees, you will find that your sugar baby will make you satisfied. They will meet all your requirements, that is, the feeling of being king. In short, for every man, the feeling of being king is irresistible.

Felix, a sugar daddy from Australia: I had a experience as a sugar daddy. I had a very sexy sugar baby. She was very beautiful and understanding. She was a college student. At the first sight I saw her, I decided to make her my sugar baby. But when we signed the contract, there was one thing on it that she could meet any of my requirements, but she could not have sex. Although I am not very satisfied with this, I still signed a contract with her. It turned out that my decision to sign the contract at that time was correct. She is very considerate and always tries to make me happy. But the only regret is not having sex with her. I think it must be very satisfying. Overall, this experience is wonderful!

We can see from the experience of the three sugar daddies above that being a sugar daddy is really a satisfying thing. As long as you pay a certain amount of money, you can let your sugar baby serve you and do anything on the treaty. When you become a sugar daddy, you will feel like a king. You will feel power and control. It was a wonderful feeling. If you want to experience this feeling and become a sugar daddy, then join us. -!