Sugar For You

my life as a sugar baby

 Today, the word "sugar" is no longer just a sweet carbohydrate in food. Sugar is a way of life. Some people have been avoiding it all their lives, while others wake up looking for it. Yes, I am a sugar baby. Last fall, I started my journey to be a sugar baby. I'm a single girl in New York State who just broke up with her boyfriend because I found out that he was a closed gay man, which conflicts with my values. Breaking up gives me freedom, and the traumatic experience gives me the freedom to try new things. Many people quickly asked, "Why not date ordinary people? "But I don't want another normal relationship... I wanted to have a partner, but I gave up my heavy commitment to marriage. Besides, I have no money. I'm going to find a job so I can survive. By coincidence, I registered as a member of, so I finally tried to be a sugar baby. I felt helpless and lonely because I didn't have a job, so I had time to read some sugar blogs and Tumblr pages. Reading, I found that many of the men I met were married men, who sought refuge from everyday routines. Considering my previous experience, I may have the chance to be their sugar baby. A person who is only 24 years old, I will see more beauty in the world than most people have seen in their lives. I know that regular dates are a journey away from sweet life - Roses lose their meaning compared to Harry Winston's box. Today, my eye liner costs far more than 3000 dollars. This is the average allowance that sugar dad gave me on the same dating website, but for a single girl who didn't have a university background or job at that time, it was a worthwhile choice. After my first successful date, I went from pursuing money to pursuing sweetness. Because I found that I had once been with many sugar dads. I remember my first sweet dad from New York who offered me a monthly allowance of $5,000. In my best month, I made $30,000 from all kinds of sugar dads. There was a date when a sweet dad gave me $7,500. No matter how much I earn, I'm always generous. Think of it as one of my tips for sugar babies. Having a stable allowance is only one goal of lifestyle. Every "sugar baby" wants to succeed. In my opinion, this is a condition of exchange. We use our beauty, charm and youthful vitality to exchange money, power and opportunity, so that we can be closer to success. My New York sweetheart dad, whom we call Thomas, spent $15,000 to help me build personal training and lifestyle websites, but what I valued most was her mentoring experience. Not every sugar dad is so cute. Like dating, you will meet all kinds of people, such as salty men, cheap men, and even mental patients. I once had a sugar dad, Steve, who was a hotel owner. He looked like a normal person, but he had a tendency to abuse his wife. When I was at his house, he would bewilder me a lot, but I still followed him. But when I tried to leave, he pushed my suitcase down the stairs and threw the China plate on my head as I ran out. It was a terrifying experience for me. Sometimes experience cannot be defined by the dollar symbol. Every experience will give me new experience. Once, a sweet Dad took me to the clothing area to shop, which made me full of enthusiasm for Designers'fashion. Another time I went to the Bahamas on a 10-day cruise. The beauty of the journey is undeniable, but this journey reveals how incompatible we are. Of course, sugar babies have their own rules. You can't be jealous or impolite. You need to keep your appearance clean and tidy. Don't lose your temper on a lovely, pouting face. You are the perfect girlfriend, confidant and friend. Of course, you'll get a lot of rewards for it. Being a sugar baby is a full-time job. I wake up every morning, log into my account, and work begins; find new potential sugar dads on our personal blogs and social media. Like homework students, my sugar baby roommate and I studied in upscale lounges and bars, trying to master the skills of communicating with the elite. In fact, like any job, you have a role and get rewarded. More importantly, you will stand up every day, start over, be energetic and energetic, always looking for ways to make the journey of life better.